Industrial / Technical

  • Design, fabrication, installation and service of thermoplastic piping, tanks, exhaust and other process systems
  • Over 10,000 sq ft fabrication facility including CNC-controlled forming, routing and welding equipment and overhead cranes
  • Field rigging, erection and installation capabilities, including cranes, fork and aerial lift equipment


  • Clear scope, schedule and cost estimates for manufacturers, general contractors, engineering firms and OEM’s
  • Compliance to your on-site safety, security and operational procedures
  • Complete project management, including construction scheduling, tracking and reporting
  • Professional, technical and dependable work teams


Key components of Process Systems & Services' quality process include:
  • Inspection of incoming materials & supplies
  • Fabrication, installation & maintenance according to agreed-upon customer drawings and specifications related to scope, schedule and cost
  • Pipe and structural fabrications (socket, butt fusion, lined-pipe, other) according to manufacturers’ specifications and DVS standards
  • Testing of fabricated components and systems, including visual inspection, spark testing, pressure/leak testing
  • Quality inspection / test reporting
  • Periodic review of internal processes, including action plans / follow-up


Process Systems & Services (PSS) believes that both employees and company benefit from a safe and healthy work environment. PSS is committed to maintaining an injury-free and illness-free workplace, and to complying with all relevant OSHA standards. In this effort, PSS’ Safety Program requires new-hire and on-going training and examinations, and a no-tolerance compliance standard.

Scope of the PSS Safety Program includes Substance Abuse, Lock-out / Try-out (LOTO), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Confined Space, Respiratory Protection, Hazard Communications, Fire Protection & Hot Work, Fall Protection, Ladders, Scaffolding & Overhead Work, Emergency Procedures, Accident Investigation, Recordkeeping & Reporting, and General Housekeeping


  • DVS-certified thermoplastic welders. DVS is the world-wide leading (European) standards-body for the joining of non-metallic materials, and is recognized by the International Institute of Welding (IIW). For more info, see: DVS - German Welding Society