Exhaust Systems

We specialize in custom corrosion-resistant exhaust system design, fabrication, installation and service. Our solutions are designed to use the minimum amounts of air and energy, and to effectively contain process exhaust and by-product, resulting in safer working conditions, environmental compliance, and reductions in costs for our customers.

Corrosion-resistant exhaust system products & services include:

  • process analysis - air flow, particulate/fume control, thermal expansion, cleansing / scrubbing, sound reduction/dampening, and collection / exhaust needs
  • selection of proper duct sizing based on air volume, pressure, and horsepower requirements
  • selection of proper materials of construction (e.g., CPVC, PP, FRP) based on fume composition
  • custom fabricated components and complete systems: hoods, plenums, ductwork, transitions, expansion joints, dampers, filters, demisters, wet scrubbers, and enclosures
  • field installation of complete systems or repairs of existing systems